It took two years to find the perfect fabric, the fabric dreams are made of, but we did. Woven in small batches...just for you.

Designed in Boston & Produced Ethically in India

Bed Blankets
Oversized Throws
Five Star

This blanket is so beautiful and soft. It was shipped quickly and expertly protected. I washed it per instructions and it fluffed into the wonderful waffle pattern. I love the feel of the muslin and it breathes so well at night, yet keeps me warm. Thank you so much!

-Cindy, CO-

Beautiful quality and the 4 layer is just thick enough for Texas sleeping.

-Caitlin, TX-

Such a beautiful blanket, excellent craftsmanship. Exceeded my expectations, very high quality. This blanket is a game changer if you struggle with being hot at night.

-Melaina, TN-

This was just as beautiful and soft as I imagined. Incredible quality.

-Meredith, MI-

This blanket is perfection. So cozy and well-made. I couldn't be happier.

-Lisa, MI-

The quality of this blanket is phenomenal the way it puffs to marshmallow-y goodness and becomes so soft and cozy. I was unsure if this was the right blanket for my needs, but we are totally happy with it.

-Kari, Illinois-

This blanket is worth every single penny. I have had trouble sleeping comfortably for years and after buying all sorts of stuff from melatonin to lavender to expensive pillows, all I needed was this blanket. Perfect for you if you have trouble regulating your temperature at night!

-Cynthia, NJ-

The most amazing quality...the forgotten world of excellence.

-Olga, Washington DC-

Led by Transparency

We proudly use GOTS certified organic cotton.
All orders are in fully recycled packaging.
Our farmers are paid a sustainable living wage.
We ensure a child labor free supply chain.

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