Fabrics In Our Muslin Blankets Come In 4 And 8 Organic Layers

Unique to Gray Heron, our organic fabric is woven in 4 layers.  Most muslin is woven in two layers, hence the nickname "double gauze." All of our products are made with buttery soft, breathable, 4 layer muslin or expertly sewn together to make an 8 layer blanket.

In 4 layers, we currently offer Baby, Oversized Throws, Twin and Full/Queen blankets. Our 8 layer blankets are offered in Baby, Oversized Throw, Full/Queen and King sizes.


Material Transformation:

When you remove your new Gray Heron from the bag, it will look more like a table cloth than the blanket you admired on the website.

Do not worry! You will want to first wash the blanket on a gentle or permanent press cold water setting. Your blanket will emerge from the wash with that wonderful, textured grid pattern.

Once dried, (dry on a lower setting or line dry), the blanket will feel just as you'd expected! Please note that your blanket will shrink slightly in the wash and dry process. All dimensions listed on our website are “after washing” dimensions.