Do I want a 4 Layer or 8 Layer Blanket? 

We currently offer oversized throws, twins, and queens in 4 layers. Our 8 layer blankets are offered in oversized throws, queen and king sizes. Made of the same GOTS cotton muslin material, they both are deliciously soft and have a puffy grid pattern upon washing   

The 4 layer blanket is light and has tremendous "bounce" and a bit tighter crinkle than the 8 layer. It looks just stunning over a couch in the throw size. The 4 layer is more substantial than a sheet but better suited with a warmer blanket during cooler months.  It's a great option if you run hot when you sleep paired with a sheet or another very light layer. Our 8 layer blanket is about the thickness of a standard quilt, but it has more texture, less weight and does not drape flat like a quilt.

Alternatively, you might use a 4 layer blanket in warmer climate as a top layer.  Sarah used this blanket to sleep with the windows open in August when she was testing the product. It's such a relief to turn off the air conditioner and listen to the sounds of nature without overheating at night. Finally!

The 8 layer is really our signature blanket and its versatility makes it stand out as a year round slice of heaven. We recommend using the 8 layer alone during the warmer months as it provides enough warmth but with incredible breathability to cut down on sweating or overheating under the covers. In cooler weather, like the 4 layer, it makes a more substantial bottom layer under a duvet.