Frequently Asked Questions Including "What Are 4 & 8 Layer Muslin Cotton Gauze Blankets?"

We currently offer Baby, Oversized Throws, Twin and Queen blankets in 4 layers. Our 8 layer blankets are offered in Baby, Oversized Throw, Queen and King sizes. Made of the same GOTS cotton muslin material, both 4 layer and 8 layer blankets are deliciously soft and have a puffy grid pattern upon washing.

The 4 layer blanket is best in a warmer climate as a top layer. Sarah used this blanket to sleep with the windows open in August in Maine when she was testing the product. It's such a relief to turn off the air conditioner and listen to the sounds of nature without overheating at night. It is lightweight, has tremendous bounce and has a tighter grid pattern than the 8 layer. In throw size, it is stunning over a couch. 

The 8 layer blanket is really our signature product. Its versatility makes it stand out as a year round slice of heaven. We recommend using the 8 layer alone during the warmer months, as it provides enough warmth along with incredible breathability, to cut down on sweating or overheating under the covers. In cooler weather, it makes a more substantial bottom layer under a duvet.  

How do I transform my blanket from a flat cloth to a textured slice of heaven?

Upon arrival at your door, your Gray Heron blanket will be enclosed in a sweet, reusable cinch bag. When you remove your new Gray Heron from the bag, it will look more like a table cloth than the blanket you admired on the website. Do not worry! You will want to first wash the blanket on a gentle or permanent press cold water setting. Your blanket will emerge from the wash with that wonderful, textured grid pattern. Once dried, (dry on a lower setting or line dry), the blanket will feel just as you'd expected! Please note that your blanket will shrink slightly in the wash and dry process. All dimensions listed on our website are “after washing” dimensions.

What is muslin?

Muslin is a cotton gauzy fabric named from the city of Mosul, Iraq, where it was first manufactured in the 17th century. Muslin can be woven as a very thin, breathable fabric, and when layered, creates warmth while maintaining breathability 

What does GOTS certified mean?

All Grey Heron blankets are made of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton muslin. GOTS is the worldwide leading textile manufacturing and processing standard for organic fabrics and fibers. GOTS certification ensures that throughout the manufacturing supply chain the people making your blankets are paid a living wage, work in safe and clean conditions, and are not working for too many hours at a time.

Conventionally produced cotton is laden with pesticides and insecticides, using more toxins than almost any other crop.  Frankly, conventionally made blankets are not good for your family or the earth. Pesticides poison farmers and the run-off seeps into drinking water, lakes and streams. Factory workers have to breathe in fumes from cotton chemicals when producing textiles and we feel the harmful effects of non-organic cotton.  Headaches, rashes, irritated skin and a build up of carcinogens in our bodies can be the end-result. 

Where are your products made?

Our heavenly and healthy blankets are designed in Boston, MA and made in India.

 How do I return or exchange my blanket?

Please send an email message to and we will gladly assist with a return or exchange.