Conventionally produced cotton, often called "all natural cotton" is laden with pesticides and insecticides, using more toxins than almost any other crop.  

Pesticides poison farmers and the run-off seeps into drinking water, lakes and streams. Factory workers have to breathe in fumes from cotton chemicals when producing textiles and we feel the harmful effects of non-organic cotton. 

We spend much of our life under our covers. Headaches, rashes, irritated skin and a slow build up of carcinogens in our bodies can be the end-result. 

Each Gray Heron Product is Made of GOTS certified organic cotton muslin. Muslin is a cotton fabric named from the city of Mosul, Iraq, where it was first manufactured in the 17th century. Muslin can be woven as a very thin, breathable fabric, and when layered, creates warmth while maintaining breathability. 

In order to obtain the GOTS organic certification, a fabric must:

- contain at least 95% organic fiber (organic fibers not labeled GOTS must contain at least 70% organic fiber) 
- be dyed with nontoxic dyes
- be produced in a mill that enforces strict social and environmental standards



All of our products are made with buttery soft, breathable, organic cotton muslin gauze, in either 4 layer or 8 layer fabric. 

In 4 layers, we currently offer Baby, Oversized Throws, Twin and Full/Queen blankets. Our 8 layer blankets are offered in Baby, Oversized Throw, Full/Queen and King sizes.