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Our Mean, Green & Clean Supply Chain

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Here at Gray Heron, we like to be as transparent as possible about our business. We believe it’s important that you know what we know. We’ve created a quick view into our supply chain, so you can feel even better about bringing Gray Heron into your home.


All of Gray Heron’s muslin products are made of GOTS certified, fair trade cotton - grown without any pesticides and with low environmental impact. I was in a trendy, cotton basics store (think $180 gray sweatshirts) last week outside of Boston. The young sales associate asked me if I had any questions about the California-based company. When I asked if the cotton was organic, he said it wasn’t, but it was 100% natural. Sigh, subtle, yet huge sigh. Standard cotton is full of toxins harming you and the planet.


Gray Heron fabric is woven out of our organic cotton thread, then cut and sewn by highly skilled craftspeople, who are not only paid a living wage, but have negotiating power and are provided lunch and dinner compliments of the mill. (No child labor!).




We use only organic dyes on our muslin that do not pollute waters or your home. And our king sized natural cream blanket uses only scoured fabric with no dyes at all (coming soon in other sizes). 




We minimize our use of plastic and cardboard during packing and shipping. The amount of waste created by packaging materials during transatlantic passage contributes tons of waste each week that ends up in landfills and in our waterways. At Gray Heron, we want to be part of the solution, not the problem.



All our blankets are packaged in cinch bags made from recycled muslin fabric created during blanket production. A 7ft blanket fits in a petite 5 inch x 8 inch cinch bag!



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