Summer-Weight Organic Muslin Throw in Cream on Sale

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This is a truly "whisper weight" version of our original 8 layer blanket. It will feel more like a flannel sheet, but soooo much more breathable.  As a throw it is perfect on the couch with its unique texture and buttery feel. On the bed, it is meant to be used as a flat sheet, as a layering blanket, or as a quilt in hot climates with the windows open. 

These are the last of our butter cream blankets!  We only have a few in stock as the color is so warm and lovely and the fabric is just perfect. This makes the perfect light throw or layering blanket on a child's bed.

Why? You can't find a softer gauze material. It took us over a year just to settle on this fabric. 

How? Grown organically without pesticides or harmful chemicals on any step of the process.

The Feel Good? Knowing that your buttery soft blanket is made entirely of healthy GOTS certified organic muslin and organic dye that benefits your body and the planet. 

Designed in Boston and made in India with respect for the earth, for all of the people who work on the supply chain and for you and your family. 

Thickness: 4 layers of woven GOTS certified organic gauze

Size: 82"x64" after washing

Color: Cream

Size: 82" x 64" after washing