Gray Heron Quality Standard

Sarah Wilson Founder of  Gray Heron and Happy Farrow of Happy Farrow Designs


Let us start by saying we're blanket snobs, plain and simple.  It has to be buttery soft, but produced without toxins or chemicals. It must be warm, but not make you sweat in the summer.  It also needs to be tasteful, a showpiece in its own right, draped over the back of a sofa or on a bed.  It took two years, but we finally found our fabric, two layers of GOTS certified organic quadruple layer cotton muslin.

Cotton Muslin, also known as gauze fabric, is a loosely woven cotton that is extremely lightweight.  To create the substantial, yet breathable Gray Heron eight layer blanket, weavers spend three to four months creating just a few thousand yards of this fabric.  Multiple, thin layers of gauze attach to each other with threads that create the unique and irresistible grid-like, puckered pattern upon washing.  So soft against the skin, the Gray Heron can be used alone or layered underneath a duvet.  With its warmth and breathability, 8 layer cotton muslin is a fabric for year-round snuggles, naps and deep sleeps.  You may not be a baby anymore, but you can still sleep like one.