All-Season Organic Queen Blanket in Whimsy & Snow SALE

All-Season Organic Queen Blanket in Whimsy & Snow SALE


Why? Because it's an original Happy Farrow Print on our incredible organic muslin. The back side is our buttery-soft fabric. It's a showpiece in its own right. 

How? Grown organically without pesticides or harmful chemicals on any step of the process.

The Feel Good? Knowing that your blanket is made entirely of healthy GOTS certified organic muslin that benefits your body and the planet. 

Designed in Boston, this sophisticated whimsy print gives a nod to coastal living and was created by Happy Farrow Designs and made in India with respect for the earth, for all of the people who work on the supply chain and for you and your family. 

Thickness: 8 layers of cotton muslin

Dimensions: 98" X 102". This queen will work on a standard king bed as as a coverlet but best to measure. 

Color: Navy and Sky Blue Whimsy Print & Snow