All-Season Organic Muslin King Blanket in Natural Cream on Sale

All-Season Organic Muslin King Blanket in Natural Cream on Sale


These  best sellers are made by scouring the fabric rather than using a dye- will be back in stock and ready to make up your cozy nest! Thicker than other gauze blankets, our all-season blanket is made of two layers of quadruple woven gauze.  It will be 4x as thick as standard double gauze, but Gray Heron fabric is softer and meant to be on your bed and against your skin all year round. The border on our king blanket is so sophisticated and you can't find another like it with mitered edges and attention to detail.  This makes a beautiful quilt as well as a layering blanket. 

Why? You can't find a softer gauze material. It took us over a year just to settle on this fabric. 

How? On the bed, it is meant to be used as a layering blanket in cooler weather, as a quilt or as a stand-alone in the warmer seasons.

The Feel Good? Knowing that your buttery soft blanket is made entirely of healthy GOTS certified organic muslin and organic dye that benefits your body and the planet. 

Designed in Boston and made in India with respect for the earth, for all of the people who work on the supply chain and for you and your family. 

Thickness: 2 layers of quadruple woven GOTS certified organic gauze.

Size: 108"x102" after washing, King

Detail: Gorgeous self-border with mitered corners